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How do you discipline your toddler

Wednesday, 17 August 2016  |  Admin

Discipline is one of those topics that has so much conflicting and different advice. I have read so much information about the best way to discipline. To be honest, in many ways it has left me more clueless and confused than before.

My son Jack is now two years old. He is beginning to test boundaries and whilst he he understands what the word 'no' means, he doesn't always listen to it. He is a typical toddler - independent, stubborn and wanting his way. So how do I discipline him? In the end I have tried out a few different things and then have gone with the way that works best. What works best will be completely different depending on the child.

We have chosen to do a combination of things. I really believe that positive reinforcement works so we have a reward chart in Jacks bedroom. As a huge car fan, Jack has a reward chart in the form of a bus. The aim is to move the passengers onto the bus. When Jack does something 'good' like put his toys away, say please and thank you or listen, he moves a passenger. When he fills his bus he gets a treat. It could be a trip to the Park or a Kinder Egg. Anything really.

That's the nice part of parenting - Rewarding good behaviour. Dealing with hitting, biting or other not so positive behaviour isn't as nice. We have opted to use the time out step for these occasions. If Jack hits, bites or displays seriously bad behaviour he goes straight to the time out step. He will sit there for 1 minute and inevitably at the end of it will come up and say sorry. I always make sure he explains back to me what the time out was for so he understands.

What do you do to help discipline your child? I'd love to know.