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How do you cope with 3 children?

Friday, 2 August 2013  |  Admin

hello all !!!,
26 weeks and counting now , everything is getting very real now , baby mania has final struck my body and im having a wobble . Potentially 14 weeks left maybe more depending on my consultant appointment ...... im constantly wondering how exactly im going to cope having three children , especially with the last two being very close together and if ill manage to breast feed again without being poorly or ending up with mastitis ??? there are so many things whizzing around my head at the minute possibly pregnancy hormones causing this or just a combination of everything. I have indeed had lots of tears this week think possibly everything is getting on top of me ........
Its my leaving party at work on saturday night , as im leaving to go to another ward prior to starting my maternity leave so im sure that my emotions will get the better of me once again, thou..... saying that a pregnant weeping woman cant be that unusual ill have to hide in the corner of the restaurant with my tissues.
My beautiful pink lining bag is in our room now with a few items that ive purchased inside and a few things for mummy to hopefully help me feel more human after the main event . Has anyone purchased the muslin clothes that our future king was swaddled in .......... they are the most beautiful things every seen and we are deciding if to purchase some for the love bubble since they are not only beautiful but incredible for everyday use !!!!!

Im wondering how kate is getting on and if she has experienced any baby blues .... thou is suppose that we wont hear much about that part of motherhood , its still a very taboo subject one which is very very close to my heart. I have suffered with post natal depression twice now with both of my children and had medications with counciling twice, im very much hoping that it doesnt happen again however my midwife is very on the ball and ive support systems in place should i need it. Has anyone else felt like this or ended up with PND with each child ? i must admit i was initially afraid to mention this subject in my blog as i feel that some people do judge on this but maybe just maybe if i can share my experiences then it might just help someone feeling the same. Im not saying that im feeling depressed at the minute i think my weepy times are just wobbles and hormones and nothing that cant be resolved but i certainly will be more aware of my emotions
following the birth of the new baby. Its a hard time for any mum to experience and any new dad really , giving birth is a massive life changing experience that can be over whelming , how ever i will be happy to get my feet back to normal after all this time with swollen pigs trotters !!!!.
at least we are getting towards autumn which means that it becomes more socially acceptable to be wearing comfy ugg boots again which will cheer me up no end ! well i hope everyone is enjoying the summer holidays , my eldest hasnt been too fed up at the moment but weve still got a month ish left to go !!!
Sarah xxxx

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