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How did you look 4 hours post delivery?

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You may have heard about a particular baby being born this week. It was pretty big news. What was BIGGER news though, was how his mummy looked just hours after giving birth. I know, poor woman. 


Oh did I mention that it was a Prince being born. Still doesn’t change your view though, right? 


This is the topic of my blog this week. Il warn you now, it’s going to get graphic. So if you’re of a certain disposition - maybe give this blog a miss! (But come back next week!)


I remember how I looked just after giving birth. Not great, pretty sweaty, there was blood and a random spot had appeared on my chin. I didn’t really pay much attention to it. 


I showered. I remember that, about four hours after having my daughter. I managed to waddle over to the en suite shower. (Yes, i had an ‘en suite’. In Bradford. I know - classy mother)


My hubby helped me into the shower, like physically helped me, in that he had to take my knickers off which luckily I’d bought three sizes too big & in black. He also changed the maternity towel for me whilst I showered & placed the nursing pads in my bra. (TMI - I know, but I did say we’d get graphic!) The shower was glorious. Like, seriously wonderful. 


Afterwards, I changed into clean pjs, brushed my hair and teeth and got back into the bed to cuddle our new arrival. Pretty pleased with myself. 


It was lovely. As was the toast they served. 


I cannot begin to imagine the pressure Kate Middleton must have felt having to step outside the hospital in front of the worlds media. 


Some people are applauding her. Some people are disappointed in her, believing she is putting pressure on women to look good after giving birth. She can’t win.


What should she have done? Keeping in mind I’m sure she had a little help from stylists etc, I read her hairdresser had been in to do her infamous blow dry. 


I’m pretty sure she will have had help getting into her tights. I do at the best of times, let one just after giving birth!Bloody tights. They should be banned. 


Every one has an opinion of what she should or shouldn’t have done. At the end of the day though, does it really matter? A baby was still born. That’s the miracle, not the fact that she managed her eyeliner & lipstick. 


After you give birth, just do whatever you & your body can handle. You’ve come this far. 


But if in doubt, just put your (black) deep briefs on and down that coffee. 


Love Hannah x 

This is me 4 hours post birth ..... 







Four hours post delivery! 

Sally Brooke
Friday, 27 April 2018  |  12:31

Absolutely spot on. When I had my first, who just happens to have written this blog (proud mum alert!) I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed for 6 hours, let alone shower, dress and command the attention of the worlds press!