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How did Kate manage to look so good 24 hours after giving birth!

Friday, 26 July 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Well , what an exciting week , I have to admit I was sat in front of sky news on Tuesday waiting very patiently for the news on the royal baby !!!!.. And im so very pleased on the safe arrival of prince George :).
I think that Kate looked amazing after giving birth and must also admit I was amazed to see her rocking those shoes , all be it me being the green eyed monster and being so jealous that her feet still fit into such beautiful footwear. Again my feet and ankles continue to swell , so my footwear is very limited at the moment to my work shoes or my flip flops !! Which is to my utter disgust , I can't not wait to get my little feet back , im bored of my trotters , or party sausages as they now resemble .....
How is everyone coping in this weather , ive taken to carrying water everywhere I go plus a hydrating facial spray and lip balm and even a small tub of talc. Now I know talc is very old fashioned , and not at all trendy , but it is helping with a few areas of my body that appear to be .....
Somewhat chaffing ., so I have renamed my trusty talc .. "CHUBB RUB" !!! Everything gets hot and sticky under my uniform even more now I've got a 25week old love bubble... !!!
I seem to have grown so much in the last couple of weeks and have a definate baby shaped bump . Ive had a couple of midwife appointments this week , one due to swelling and headaches then a routine appointment with blood pressure check . I'm also planned for another GTT test , as I have been borderline for diabetes both of my boys so wondering what that test will bring ? I think the clinical appointment is the worst waiting in the whole world , the clinic at out hospital is sat next to the obs and gynae area with a cafe next door , so not great combo when ur feeling rubbish and are nbm !!! all be worth it in the end 15weeks and counting xxx
Well ttfn
Sarah :)

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