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Hormones are a horror!

Friday, 14 June 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Well what a week , I've struggled with headaches and swollen feet completely !!! Feeling bothered and miserable !!! My blood pressure is fine still so its looking like a trip to the gp on Monday ! I must certainly say this plus the constant urine infections has taken the shine off my pregnancy and the womb squater !!! I'm heading into 20weeks , so nearly half way now , with my scan and consultant appointment on 24th of June :) , I've got all the questions that I want to ask about my possible c section , but again im feeling incredibly anxious !!!! I think this last week has defo been a test for me !.
Ive got my leaving date for work , and shall be ready for the break on September 22nd :) .
Is anyone else having a half time wobble surely it can't just be me and my awful hormones , I don't know about the incredible hulk im more the incredible SULK !!!!! Crying at coronation street and shouting at the cat !!!.
I want to talk about skin too , has anyone found there skin has completely changed ? Ive gone from spotty and greasy to dry and scaley !!!! Argh ................
Surely its my turn to start to bloom., I've noticed Kate Middleton is continuing to look amazing , and its got to be nearly time for the royal baby to make an appearance :) , I was wondering if maybe she's having the same struggles as me , especially the swollen feet , since she seems to be rocking the LK Bennet nude heels :) !!!
Well hopefully ill be in a better mood for next week , as I've got my sons party , my scan and bra shopping to complete from mummyandlittleme !!!!
Please send cheer up suggestions
Sarah xx

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