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Hormones and Home improvements

Monday, 9 April 2018  |  Admin

It’s all about change - hormones & home improvements

I’m now almost 6 months pregnant, and unsurprisingly am not sure whether to laugh, cry, feel excited or terrified of this. Everything seems to be about change this week, from the baby’s movements (which are now huge) to my mood, or the beginning of ‘nesting’ and deciding to redecorating our house (as if we didn’t already have enough to do!)

Let’s start with my hormones... If I’m not deliriously laughing at the smallest of things, I’ll, within seconds, be crying about the same situation! My partner actually questioned whether I’d been a day without bursting into tears, just the other day. This of course, brought on more water works. Then there’s the baby brain, I swear, it’s possible to be crying at something, then moments later you can’t remember what set you off in the first place!! I’m definitely the stereotypical hormonal woman right now... From songs on the radio (note: I found myself crying at Lionel Richie at 6.55am for no apparent reason) to crying for others, I’ve always been an emotional person, but this has taken it to another level.

Apart from this, I’m feeling really well, so well I’ve decided it’s time to get the house ‘baby ready’ – from the garden to the bathroom, the whole house seems to be changing in one way or another. This week we’ve got decorators in focusing on the baby room – the room I’m most excited about, of course! We’ve gone for greys with monochrome and teal accessories. I love looking for any home furnishings and decorative accessories at the best of times, but making a room special for another person is far more exciting than I’d expected. I’m not really into the typical ‘baby’ nursery, I like things a little different, and have found some lovely bits in TK Maxx & on Etsy. (I’ll upload some photos once it’s complete, with links to the sellers). 

Next it’s onto a complete new bathroom suite, we’ve again gone for something a little different, navy wall tiles with a patterned tiled floor. I guess our bathroom accessories will also be changing very soon, it’s hard to imagine bathing, or even having someone so tiny living with us. There’s so many different items out there to purchase for your baby, and the things I didn’t even think of, like baby baths.

I can’t wait to share the finished home improvements with you all, I’m sure there will be lots of laughter and tears along the way!

Chloe x