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Holiday Preparations

Thursday, 1 August 2019  |  Admin

Holidays Preparations

To date as a family of four we have been on two holidays, the first better not to mention to a gorgeous wooden lodge on a campsite in Scarborough. The (slight) flaw being that on our visit the campsite was still very much under construction- a point the brochure failed to mention.

We, amid the February downpours, mud and sludge, made the best of it.

The Sealife Centre, most definitely being the highlight of our trip, it was at least, supposed to be wet in there.

Our second family holiday, when the Bear was ten and the Lion two and a half was to the Bear’s happiest place in the world - The Disney Magic Cruise Ship. It is without doubt the one place she truly relaxes, onboard the characters are her friends, her world, the ‘people’ she loves to see.

The Lion, whilst too young to truly understand was fascinated by Pluto, and couldn’t really understand where he kept disappearing to, kept up a permanent Pluto watch throughout the trip.

Fast forward a year and three quarters, and we are once again preparing to set sail.

The Bear is more than a little excited. She is typically reserved and rarely shows her feeling on her face, but I know without any shadow of a doubt that when we drive up to that ship her smile will be real. Because for one blissful week, her dreams will come true. For one blissful week, there will be no secondary school, no complex friendships to navigate, no expectations to meet - she can simply be her.

As for the Lion, he too understands more this time round, and has already announced that he is going to hug Pluto.

The water will be a definite pull for him, and I’m envisioning one of us spending much of our week ensconced in the splash zone as he jumps and pours and splashes to his heart’s content.

It is unlikely, to be a restful holiday. But then that was never meant to be our life.

We will be constantly on our feet, running between characters and water, eating in shifts and Lion alternating Lion chasing with seeing all of the wonderful things the Bear wants to see.

But we will all smile, we will laugh, we will make memories.

We will more than likely make new friends, and we will equally likely rejoice in seeing old ones. The gift shops on board will eat through our purses, and the menagerie of stuffed toys will no doubt expand even further.

The Other Half and I will row, I’ll be packed (for me and the children) a week before we set sail - he on the other hand will still be throwing things into a bag the morning we fly.

Our life, you see in so many ways is no different to that of others.

Just like them, we laugh and cry, we smile and we argue, just like them we love each year for that one week of joy.

Because you see, above all else we are a family.

And family means no one getting left behind.