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Have you thought about your contraceptive post birth?

Wednesday, 22 March 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

I had been on the pill for a decade before deciding to try for a baby and because I had been on it so long, it was the only contraception that I trusted. I expected to go back on it after I had given birth but I was in for a big surprise, I was told that I would not be allowed back on that pill (Microgynon 30) for 2 reasons -

  1. ''I was too old'' it's never nice being told that you are too old and I was only 27 but apparently this is classed as too old because the hormones in the pill are strong so it's better suited at younger girls.
  2. I was breastfeeding which isn't allowed on this pill.

I was a bit taken a back because I never once doubted that I wouldn't be allowed back on the same contraception as before, my options now were the coil, implant, injections, condoms or the mini pill. I never like change and I was scared of trying something new as I didn't know how my body would react to it. I felt pushed towards the coil or implant which I knew straight away 100% that neither of these options were right for me so I chose the mini pill.

The main difference with the mini pill over the regular pill is that you don't have a break, you take it continually everyday and some people bleed quite frequently on it or not at all. Thankfully I am the latter and I now feel happy with this contraception and haven't had any side effects which I was previously dreading. So be prepared to re-think your contraception method when you have had a baby as it was something that I wasn't expecting. Also do your research into what you think will suit you best, I know it's laughable at the 6 week post birth check up when the Dr asks you if you have thought about contraception as sex is the last thing on your mind thanks to just giving birth and the lack of sleep but don't be tempted to rely on any old wives tales such as breastfeeding is a form of contraception as it isn't, you are actually at your most fertile in the months post birth.

Jodie x