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Have you taken your fertility for granted

Thursday, 8 February 2018  |  Admin

Fertility - have you ever taken it for granted?.

Like most females I have spent years of my adult life taking a pill every day to prevent any unwanted pregnancies, it seems strange when you are actually trying for a baby and it doesn't happen straight away as you just expect it to. Months go by and you wonder if you are able to have children. After about 7 cycles I did fall pregnant but sadly miscarried early into the pregnancy. Thankfully after about another 6 cycles I fell pregnant with my daughter which I am eternally grateful for, I say cycles as mine weren't the standard 28 days more like 44 days so 6 cycles wasn't 6 months it was more like 9.

So I have one daughter and in my last blog post I mentioned that we didn't know if we wanted any more children I feel like we are leaning more towards no but that may change in the future who knows, so again my fertility wasn't something that was on my mind, I had put any thoughts of additional children on the back-burner waiting for that broody feeling to push babies to the forefront of my mind. That was until recently after my Dr discovered a cyst? on one of my ovaries, I am due to see a gynecologist at the hospital in a couple of weeks to investigate further. I know that it may be nothing they may not offer any treatment but mine has been causing me a few problems which is how we discovered it. My mind always goes to the worse case scenario and I know that it may be unlikely but could it be cancer? if it is a cyst what if they have to remove one of my ovaries?. This would half my fertility and also the fact that I'm now over 30 would also lower my chances. The news felt like a punch to the stomach and I again felt like the naïve 20-year-old that I once was who took her fertility for granted - just because I have had one child I believed that I could have another if I wished but what if I can't?. The question a constant presence in my mind but if I can't I can't so for now I will just wait and see what life has in store for me. - Jodie x