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Have you taken your bump photo yet - get creative

Friday, 8 April 2016  |  Admin

A week of creativity…

This week has been about painting and photography. That makes us sound all arty doesn’t it?! In reality this isn’t an area where hubby and I have any skill, but fortunately people we know do!

We’ve had a painter/decorator in this week painting the stairs and landing and it’s make the whole house feel so much fresher. While he was doing that, hubby painted the nursery and we’ve also put together some furniture for the nursery so it’s starting to feel a bit more real! We haven’t bought a cot yet though, I think once we’ve got that it will really sink in.

We bought a couple more baby grows this week (I’m really not sure how many we need, but I’m pretty sure we don’t have enough yet!) as we saw a nice design when wandering around the shops, but other than that we haven’t purchased anything new this week. I’ve been starting to think about what I might need to pack in my hospital bag though, and have heard some horror stories involving the necessity of maternity pads so I have bough plenty of those!

My lovely friend Katie has done the photography. She’s an amateur photographer at the moment but takes the loveliest photos! She suggested we get together and do a bump shoot so, as we are all teachers and it’s the Easter holidays, we thought we’d make the most of the time out and visited a local lake to take some nice photos.

We used a chalk board, scan photos and a little pair of socks as props. I think hubby was a bit embarrassed posing when people were walking past but fortunately it was fairly quiet so there weren’t too many people around to witness it! We also nearly got attacked by a young swan who took a particular interest in us, which I think might make for some amusing photos! I may ask Katie to keep those offline though…!