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Have you started nesting? We think Jules has!

Saturday, 7 May 2016  |  Admin

Itís all getting a bit real..!

Last week we continued to slowly get things ready for the baby coming but to be honest, weíve been a bit laid back about everything. Hubby is not a fan of building flat pack furniture at the best of times but he reluctantly agreed to help me to build our bedside crib on Friday evening.

Well, itís just as well we did as he flew into a bit of a panic on Saturday morning when we heard the news that one of our NCT friends had had their baby, five weeks early; their due date was three days before ours! Hearing this made everything feel so much more real, especially when we saw the photographs of their gorgeous little boy!

In a way it was just what we needed because it spurred us into action over the bank holiday weekend. We got most of the last bits and pieces that we needed for the hospital bags; I just need to actually pack them now!

On Sunday we had the first of two whole-day hypnobirthing sessions. We werenít entirely sure what to expect but really enjoyed the class. The course leader is a midwife at our local Midwife Led Birthing Unit and she taught us lots of relaxation techniques as well as explaining the theory behind hypnobirthing. We also watched a video of an incredible hypnobirthing birth, which was just so calm and lovely. If hypnobirthing techniques can help me to have a birth experience thatís even half as wonderful, Iíll be very happy!

This week so far has been full of building yet more flat pack furniture to get the house all clear and sorted ready for the babyís arrival. Iím still feeling a little bit antsy as the nursery just isnít ready yet (we still need to choose and buy a cot bed; but thatís not urgent) but I think weíre in a situation where weíll manage if the baby makes an early appearance!

Next week weíll see the midwife again and have a scan to see if the baby is still breech; if she is, weíll book a caesarean for week 39. Exciting times!