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Have you planned the summer holidays with the kids yet?

Thursday, 9 June 2016  |  Admin

So thats another half term over and done with and it has got me wondering how we will manage over the long six week summer holiday that is coming up.

Last year our summer holiday time was not as fun as a summer holiday should be. I had no energy during my third pregnancy and so we spent a lot of the time at home rather than getting out and about. This year however they dynamic has changed incredibly and by summer I am sure the youngest of our three will be crawling too. Heís already making attempts to commando crawl to places.

Iíll also be making a return to work. I know I am incredibly lucky as I work for myself and can factor time around the children but will I get anything done with 3 around?

So we have made the decision to put our middle son in nursery 3 days a week and when given the option of term time only we didnít take it. For me this means that he gets everything he needs for his development but also I have some time with Fizz who hasnít really had much Ďfuní time with me recently. Itís difficult for the older one as sheís the one that will remember all the days we have together now.

I still feel guilty at placing Jedi in nursery. But heís 22 months now and regardless of my guilt he is thriving in his new play setting and amazing me with all the new things he is learning day to day. One thing is for sure I need to scrub up on that baby signing again and heís developed so many new words using it that I canít keep up!

For our eldest it means we can grab a backpack, pop little man in a sling and go on some pretty lovely adventures. I know sheíll remember all the fun and maybe exciting times we have over this summer and I for one want to make sure she has her fair share of my time too.

So where will you be heading with your children this summer? Have you had to make a similar decision to me and if so how do you feel about it?