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Have you found your Tribe yet?

Wednesday, 13 April 2016  |  Admin


One thing I've learned in recent months is that when you're a mum your friendships dwindle and what's left is a small group of the most amazing friends ever. I call them my MotherWarriors.

Those of us in the group are joined by our need for caffeine and support. The group isn't really one that I went out to make but in the most natural of ways we all bonded over baby talk and now I speak to them everyday. They don't live close by but they're always there and we've a little private message group on facebook where we pop in everyday and just chat.

Sometimes all you need is to read what the others write and sometimes like this week you have moments where you're on the edge of the fog and they pull you back from the brink with logical thinking and kind words. You in turn do the same for them as that's just how your tribe works.

For me my tribe of 5 friends is essential for my daily sanity. I've had many days that have been ebbed away with darkness, sadness and they always find a way to get me to see the bigger picture for what it is. True friendship is so hard to come across and the fact that we all have found each other is something that astounds me especially as I've not physically met one of the wonderful friends.

What I'm trying to say this week is find out who your tribe are. Are they friends you've had a lifetime or people that have picked you up along the way. 15 years ago or 5 minutes ago it doesn't matter. Find them and cherish them. After all parenting is the most fulfilling and terrifying job in the world - the best colleagues are Mother Warriors just like you!