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Have you chosen your Baby name?

Wednesday, 28 March 2018  |  Admin

Baby names

“Have you chosen a name yet?” At 25 weeks pregnant and already knowing the gender of our baby, this seems to be everybody’s favourite question (along with a thousand name suggestions to follow, but “oh, don’t have that because I want to call my baby it”).  This has to be one of the biggest decisions of both your pregnancy, and potentially one of the biggest in your life. It has to be sweet enough for the baby years, yet suitable enough to stick with them for the rest of their life. You may have had several names already handpicked for your baby pre-pregnancy, but now reality has hit, and are the names you had ‘decided’ on serious enough for job interviews etc. in later life?

Not only this, for most of us, we have to pass our chosen or favourite names by our partner, who, we thought we knew, and knew their tastes, but it turns out we have no idea -  yet another hurdle to cross!

Traditional names seem to be making a comeback, and I love these – Arthur, Teddy, Florence etc. but there’s always that one person you know called that, especially working within the childcare sector for the past 8 years; having said that, this can also be helpful for name inspiration. At the same time as loving these old fashioned names, I like something a bit unusual, not something you’ll hear every day in Tesco.

Then we come to naming our babies after relatives, but with a big family myself, this is always a tricky one. Who’s family names do we choose from, mine or yours?  It’s a never ending circle. With naming books, TV shows and media out there to search on ‘top 100 baby names’ I find myself suggesting names at the most random of times. I even find myself looking at the credits of films for ideas – am I going name crazy?

But here’s my advice to you, pick a name you won’t get sick off, something that you both agree on, and love. Whatever you decide on, it will suit your baby (maybe practise shouting it up the stairs! Or I’ve even had a go at writing names down with our soon to be surname – silly, I know). We have a few names in the pipeline, but let’s see how we feel when Baby H arrives in the world! Until then our lips are sealed, the last thing we want any gifts with the wrong name on!!

Chloe x