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Have Toddler will Travel

Tuesday, 12 June 2018  |  Admin

Have toddler, will travel


During the May half term, hubby and I – along with a group of 6 friends and their 3 little people – braved our first abroad holiday with the toddler.


When we booked it, I was full of excitement about taking Izzy on a plane, seeing her on a proper beach, and spending time together as a family and with our lovely friends. However, I soon realised how daunting a task this would actually be: packing for a weekend at Centre Parcs was a military operation, and that was only an hour down the road. What would a week abroad entail?!


My biggest tip would be to make a list: you don’t need as much as you think, and if you do forget anything drastic most places have shops – unless, of course, you are going somewhere exotic and remote (you lucky thing!). We went to Majorca and there was a Carrefor supermarket round the corner that sold nearly everything we needed, including nappies, wipes, bottles, milk, dummies… you get the idea.


My other top tip would be to take a backpack. Beach bags can be all glamorous and snazzy but a backpack doubles up as a changing bag and carry on luggage too – result! Skiphop have got some gorgeous ones with lots of pockets, which are really handy and the bag can be used again when you’re home – extra result!


A small – yet significant – tip is for the plane: snacks and stickers are the answer. Both are a treat and enough of a distraction, but we all found the toddlers had a sleep anyway – the motion of the engines must have done it, I guess like the car at home.


We had a great week and the little people (there’s 7 weeks between the 4 of them, with Izzy and Leo being only 6 hours apart!) had a wonderful holiday together – between mini discos, all you can eat, the beach, the pool and the little boat ride, it’s a wonder they wanted to come home! I know I didn’t - I’d quite like to be laying on a sunbed with a Fanta lemon right now actually…


If you’re thinking of taking little ones abroad but are worried: don’t be. It’s easier than you think and people are generally really helpful and understanding. I get anxious at the best of times, but it was far better than I thought and I’ll hopefully be doing it again soon.