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Hannah's Pregnancy must have's

Tuesday, 18 July 2017  |  Admin


I have to admit Pregnancy for me was, dare I say it - relatively easy. That is me comparing myself to other 40 week horror stories and doesn’t take away from the fact that I had severe nausea and tiredness that made me burst into tears as soon as I got home from work a couple of times - but no Goosebumps style tales. Overall, I did enjoy the 41 weeks I carried my little bun in the oven and I’ve put together a list of the things that helped me sail through!

Pregnancy Pillow An absolute must have! I can’t stress how much of a change it is to go from solely sleeping on my front to having a beach ball belly in my way throughout the night! It not only saved my (and my husband’s) sanity through that uncomfortable stage from 7 months preggo, but it came in so handy when we had a newborn to feed at 2, 4 and 6am. I’ve used it as a back support, as a kind of sideways pillow so I could be closer to Baby Cora - has anyone ever told you how obsessive listening to a baby breathe can become? No but really, buy the pillow - thank me later.

Maternity Jeans You may not think it, but those size 10 skinnies won’t fit you up to your due date sunshine! It’s best to plan ahead so that the transition to maternity wear can be smooth rather than an emotional breakdown before work when the buttons of your shirt have popped off and the hair band that was holding your trouser button together just can’t take the strain. I recommend two pairs of jeans with an expandable belly band, a pair of tracksuit bottoms for lounging and leggings for dressing down, these will come in extremely handy for after baby is here too because you don’t want tight pants when you’ve just given birth! Comfort is key ladies, comfort is key. 

 Hypnobirthing I can’t put into words how invaluable the skills I learned during my weekly Daisy Birthing classes were, not only for keeping me calm and somewhat in control during this crazy time but also for giving me information that I wouldn’t have had a clue about had I relied on my midwife appointments for birthing knowledge. Being aware of what was going to happen during labour gave me some decision making power in the lead up to and during my time in hospital. If you can get booked onto a class near you then it will be the best thing you can do during your pregnancy both for you and bump.

Someone to check if you’re okay!! I don’t think this is said enough, pregnancy is crazy! You can be the most prepared ever mentally and physically but oh lord, having a tiny person growing inside you can really be overwhelming. I will forever be thankful to the people in my life who checked in with me, despite me not outwardly having any debilitating sickness or health issues during pregnancy, like I said - it can be a lot to take in! So make sure you’re that person to a preggo friend, or if you’re expecting make sure you say thank you! Say hello at and instagram @raisingcora