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Halloween Baby all planned for Sarah

Tuesday, 1 October 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Well today was my scan and plan hospital appointment , ive been so nervous , even to the point this morning that I vomited in clinic :( , id worked myself up into a complete frenzy , I had a fentons procedure last November after the birth of charlie and had a few issues after , which resulted in me being seen quite a lot by the gynae team , however when I found out I was pregnant with baby number 3 , there always has been a question if I could deliver naturally again or not , so I suppose id half heartedly sort of was trying to be open minded for my delivery options.
My consultant was fabulous today and even thou I was sobbing , he offered me both options of delivery but i was told if i was to deliver naturally , he obviously couldn't promise that i wouldn't have all the problems at the end and need another instrumented delivery so ive opted for the planned c section. I'm still feeling scared and very nervous but i know that i didn't want another repair down below after !! And i want what's safe for my baby and me !!!!.
So we are all planned for 31st October at 38weeks ;)
A Halloween baby :).
My bag is all packed , all though might need a couple of extra bits now as ill be staying in between 2-5 days ? I'm hoping its only a couple of days so i can get home asap. I'm not sure exactly what clothes will be best for after the op ? So any suggestions will be grateful ! And also advice on nightwear ????.
Also the scan today confirmed we are having a little GIRL , so big smiles all round :)
I just need to get my head round that in 4weeks we will have another baby !!! I know its only 2weeks before due date but everything seems to be happening so quick !!!!
Sarah xx

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