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Half way through now

Friday, 21 June 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Well , lovely ladies ...... Id like to tell you that this week my hormones are much better , that im full of smiles and blissfully enjoying my pregnancy ..... However im not !!!!! My headaches that id previously mentioned have turned out to be a poorly tooth which required me needed root canal treatment on Monday :( . The only saving grace is that it was free because of maternity excemption !! ( every cloud and all that ...) so for most of the week ive had a sore face and having to manage on paracetamol !!!!. 
I have thou , got myself a very beautiful strapless bra from mummyandlittleme !!! So I can wear my dress tomorrow without the risk of boob drama :) , well im half way through now which I can't quite believe has gone so quick !!!! In less than 20 weeks ill be a mummy of 3 !!.
I have my scan and consultant appointment on Monday , which hopefully will tell me if im definately needing a section , so ill be taking the advice I was given the last time I mentioned it on my blog, but if anyone can think of anymore important questions that I need to ask , please get in touch with me :) 
We will be asking the sex if at all possible , but haven't decided if this will be kept a secret as yet ...... Even thou a few have commented on my blog on the nub theory........
So ill decide then blog again after the scan , im.still feeling nervous , but im.sure that's normal for us all. 
Ive been checking out the beautiful soft toys on the mummyandlittleme website and may have to direct my work friends to the site ....... Hint hint !!! 
Well off to finish preps for my eldest sons birthday party the joys of pass the parcel !!!! 
Much love 
Ttfn .......till Monday :) 
Sarah xxx

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