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Great reasons for buying your other half a baby changing bag

Friday, 8 January 2016  | 

Lorraine gives us  some great reasons for buying your other half his own Baby Changing bag... trust us girls it's worth doing!

Your changing bag will be your handbag for the next few years - do you really want your husband carrying your handbag around? No I thought not , so if he has his own bag then you have no need to worry whether you left the receipt for that expensive dress in by mistake - phew 

If you give your other half a changing bag then surely he should take a degree of control of changing the baby ( yeah !) .......'Yes darling I know it's a smelly one but I don't have my changing bag with me sorry ...' 

If you buy him a sexy man bag then he will proudly take it everywhere with him to show all his friends what a modern man he is - 

If he gets the bag he really likes then he can never moan again when you buy yourself a new handbag - you can constantly remind him about the gorgeous leather changing bag you bought him back in 2016

When you undoubtedly run out of nappies then don't fear - raid his bag! Genius 

Nappy changes can be very stressful, babies often cry ( I would recommend a nice aden + anais bamboo change mat cover )  when they are put onto cold  change mats, share the stress  and also share the giggles as they lay down and wee all over your husband (rather than you!)

More seriously, I have talked to lots of men who do feel a little like a lemon when their babies are born, especially if the little ones  are breast fed as there isn't a lot they can do to help with the baby - so make them feel needed, your family of two has just become 3 - a lovely new unit who will face the world together...


Good luck ! 

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