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Great Changing bags for the guys

Monday, 25 January 2016  | 



If you are a new Daddy and you are wondering why you need a baby changing bag as well as your partner then you need to read this :-

Firstly a woman's changing bag is not ( as she might tell you ) for the baby, it is also for her - so she will use this bag as her handbag  for the next few years, hence that is why she has maybe spent hours pouring over the internet choosing the right bag . Ask yourself this, however modern a man you are do you really want to use your partners handbag every time you change a nappy? If the answer is no then check out our top 5 best selling bags for the Dad's. 


1) This will always be number one in our hearts, maybe the fact that Brad Pitt had one helps ( if we are honest ) but we all think these bags are downright sexy on a man....


Plus you can fit your laptop in .... 

2) If your budget doesn't quite go to leather then these wallets are a must in any household, small enough to stick in your briefcase or backpack and a very popular choice for men - when we exhibit at the NEC every May we sell a lot of these, you guys love the magnets, the fleece mats and the general look and feel - not to mention the price!



3) The Ashley,  by Storksak, this bag comes in Canvas as well as leather's a messenger style bag which can go across your body as opposed to the more feminine style of over your shoulders - this bag has consistently been a best seller for us - it's a great lightweight bag that is very practical.


4) The Charlie by Storksak - well although this backpack style bag is brand new we are sure it's going to be a popular one, so we have put it in our well known bags for dads section. It comes in 3 lovely colours and for those Dad's who want to be hands free.




5) The Prescott by Pacapod - calling you military chaps! Or you chaps that like a bit of organisation in your life - this bag is for you. A brilliant 3-in-1 system so you can keep your changing and feeding stuff separately. Pacapods have been our best sellers for a long time and tick boxes that other bags simply cannot tick.



If none of these changing bags float your boat boys then don't worry we have a whole section for you to check out 

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