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Granny Jax and the impending Grandchild

Friday, 16 September 2016  |  Admin

Thoughts of Granny Jax (to be!)

Some very peculiar things have happened to me since the day, around 6 months ago, that my daughter, Laura, and son-in-law, Ben, shared their joyful news with my husband and I that they are expecting their first baby ….. our first grandchild!!

I seem to have been rendered completely incapable of walking into a department store and not making a beeline for the baby section. Debenhams, John Lewis, Selfridges, House of Fraser … I’ve done them all (many times!). Even Harrods, although I have to admit that I did leave empty handed, a very unusual occurrence. Oh, I thought to myself, there’s a lovely little outfit that would be suitable for a boy or a girl (we don’t know what “we” are having), then I looked at the price. How much??? For a garment that he/she will grow out of in a fortnight? OK, well it is Armani, but still ….. !

Then the urge to pick up knitting needles for the first time in almost 30 years overpowered me! Undeterred by my husband mocking me and saying that I would never do it, I proceeded to visit my local wool shop to search for a unisex cardigan pattern. I found a lovely pattern, but then realized that I had no idea where my knitting needles were. I did, at one time, have needles of every size which I’m sure I didn’t part with during our many clear outs over the years - they must be in the depths of one of the numerous boxes of stuff that we never use littering our loft – but which one?? So, not only did I have to buy the pattern and the wool, I also had to buy two pairs of knitting needles. I discovered that these things aren’t cheap these days …. it would have been much more cost-effective to buy a cardigan in Mothercare! However, I was sure that my daughter would appreciate the love that will have gone into the production of a hand knit garment. My next hurdle was …. I couldn’t remember how to cast on!! Pretty crucial. All I can say is thank goodness for YouTube. Is there any subject at all that doesn’t have a YouTube video covering it? It may be that the baby will wear the cardigan once, be photographed in it, then it will be consigned to the bottom drawer, only to come out again when I visit. Or, you never know, orders may come flooding in from Laura’s friends with little ones for Granny Jax’s hand knit cardies!

5 weeks to go now til the due date. I just can’t wait!

Lots of love to all you grannies-in-waiting out there!