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Good times with your toddler

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My Best Memories

Jack is now nearly two and a half. The first two years of his life have flown by and my gorgeous little boy is now a fully fledged toddler. The newborn days and sleepless nights have all blurred into one. Some of our best memories together are vivid but our ordinary day to day moments are more hazy. I took literally hundreds of photographs and am so glad I did! These are some of my favourite memories of Jack's life so far.

The night feeds - I did so many of these that I'm not surprised that they are vivid. Even though I spent a lot of these early moments feeling exhausted, I look back at them with huge fondness. If you are a currently a sleep deprived mom to a newborn you will think I'm mad. However, when your child is a toddler who doesn't sit still for a hug for more than one second, you will miss these moments.

Holidays - We have been on a few family holidays but one in particular stands out -Just for Tots Week at Butlins. Jack smiled non stop during this holiday and what toddler wouldn't when the holiday was aimed solely at them. From seeing his favourite TV character Fireman Sam to playing. on the beach everyday, Jack loved it.

Jacks first steps - Milestone Cards weren't such a big trend when Jack was young so a lot of his milestone memories are hazy. How I wish I had took photos of his firsts and noted down the date. The clearest memory I have is of his first steps and that's only because he had been nearly taking them for over a month. Some of my favourite memories are happening now. Jack is at an age where we can start having a conversation. He talks well and comes out with the funniest things. It's like having a little best friend with you all day. Except this best friend makes a mess of everything and refuses to tidy up! What's your favourite memories? 

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Claire, we love the fact you are clearly falling in love more and more still!