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Getting the after school activities balance?

Wednesday, 10 January 2018  |  Admin


After school activities- getting the balance right

Minime is now four and started full time school in September, which he absolutely loves- in fact he wants to go at weekends! However on the parenting journey you will encounter numerous options for afterschool clubs and activities, but how do you get it right?

I never thought I would get Minime to do any afterschool activites in the first year as he would be exhausted, but I had already enrolled him in swimming lessons on a Tuesday at 5pm and there is a wait list, so I continued with them and he was absolutely fine. You can read about our Splasher to Swimmer experience here.

He then expressed an interest in musical theatre and street dance class, so every Wednesday Granny takes him to two classes back to back and he is full of excitement when gets home and apart from going to bed 15 minutes early the class doesn’t make any difference to his normal bedtime routine.

School has noticed that Minime really enjoys being on stage, so I made a conscious decision to try and help him and last week he did his first stage coach class which is 90 minutes of singing, dancing and acting, and he absolutely loved it.

In April, the riding stables will start to do “jump night” again on a Thursday which he is already talking about and we have a lot to thank the stables for, read our “turning off the ipad story”.

We will have to wait and see if doing something on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday is too much.

I get a lot of parents ask me why Minime does all these classes and there is one very simple answer, he does them because he wants to and if he wanted to stop them tomorrow then I would give notice, however while he is asking to go and is thriving then I will keep sending him.

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