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Getting a child to sleep in their own room

Thursday, 11 August 2016  |  Admin


When Joey was newborn he was such a good sleeper, he'd only wake up twice during the night for a feed and then once he'd dropped night feeds he'd usually sleep through. As Joey got older though it became so difficult to get him to sleep in his own room and stay their all night. Here are a few tips on how to get your child to sleep in their own room...

Routine - this is probably very obvious but having some sort of bedtime routine is so important. The more they start to adjust to a routine the more likely bedtime will become easier. Giving them a bath, bottle and then bed at the same time every night will improve things. Be persistant - it can take upto 30mins for Joey to fall asleep. If he's being restless i still stay in his room and don't react to him. Try not to keep picking them up or give them any attention. Blackout curtains - during the summer months when its lighter at night its a good idea to make their room as dark as possible. We have some great black out curtains from Next but you can get them anywhere. Don't put them in YOUR bed - from experience i know this is better said than done. Nobody wants a screaming child at 3am but if you give in every time they start crying then they are winning and know that if they cry at night then mummy and daddy will put me in their room.

Day naps - I'm pretty sure that for a 2 year old they might not necessarily need any naps during the day but Joey definitely only needs 1. For Joey it’s also really important that he doesn’t nap too late in the day aswell so ideally he naps at around 12pm. If you read my blog then you may know that we've had our fare share of sleep problems with Joey. When he started sleeping in his own room I'd let him fall asleep in our bed before carrying him to his own bed, which was fine...for a while. He then would wake up after 3 hours in his room and wouldn't go back to sleep resulting in us giving in and letting him sleep with us...BIG MISTAKE. This made matters even worse not just for Joey but for me and my husband, we didn't have the bed to ourselves anymore. Touch wood, we've seen a massive improvement with his sleeping at night. The other night he slept for 12 hours which is very rare for him. Do you have any tips for getting your child to sleep in their own room?

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