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Get your figure back after baby

Tuesday, 5 April 2016  |  Admin

If you are wondering how to get off that baby weight and dieting or exercise just doesn't seem to be working then we have just the job for you!

Belly Bandit a company from the US are the leaders in the field of helping you with that unwanted excess belly - they have created some wonderful bands that you velcro over your post tummy to pull it in. Much like the idea of the old fashion Corsets but a whole lot more comfortable - and made from special fabric that work in conjunction with your body, which produces a hormone after you have had a baby which helps to get rid of the excess fluid. 


So this is how you look and feel fab after your pregnancy without having to give up the dairy milk or blue cheese. There are 3 different bands - the couture on the left, for the naturally sexy girl who always wants to look amazing and probably always does ( that wasn't me I'm afraid ) or the Bamboo, yes this is made from Bamboo and it is so soft - bamboo for those of you who have never worn it, is the softest material you can find  - plus it is naturally antibacterial so if you have had a c-section it's a great material to keep you clean and germ free.  Then of course the original - these bands of course do not come cheap but would you trust something that was?  No  - most of the customers that buy these have been referred by freinds, celebs have endorsed them many times and they have been around a reassuring amount of time. 


The best time to fit a Belly Bandit is at the end of your pregnancy so you can pop it on soon after you have the baby while all the those hormones are still working and  you get the full benefit of it - if you are too late for one of these of course you can go straight into a corset. More about those another time I think ....