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Frustrating, monotonous and draining, this is Motherhood

Thursday, 16 November 2017  |  Admin


Two kids, one day, not enough hours.

This week has seen me stay at home a lot, other than the odd nursery drop off or Doctor’s appointment. After the third day or so I began to realise there was a distinct pattern in juggling the boys.

That pattern was I spend most of the day rushing about and getting a whole day’s worth of jobs done in half an hour normally before Greg is due back from work. That there is always something I have forgotten or need to do.

My whole day consists of feeding, bum changes, naps and Fireman Sam.

I clear up the toy baskets approximately twenty times a day.

I very rarely get to eat before 15.00pm.

I always go to the toilet or have a bath with an audience.

I have a mild coffee addiction.

A packet of crisps is a meal.

I somehow feel as though I do nothing and everything all at the same time.

The words, ‘MUMMMMMM I’M hungry’ are said to many times.

A poo will end up on the floor at some point.

The minute I plan to do anything, washing, work, cooking someone will have a meltdown.

Someone will pee on me.

Blaze and the Monster Machines is vaguely educational, I learnt a lot about angles.

I have become a pro at scrolling through Facebook with one or more children on me.

I can make a whole roast dinner with a baby strapped to me.

I think I may be getting big arm muscles from the double pram.

At least one of them is naked at any given time.

Yes, it is draining, frustrating, mind bending, monotonous and that’s okay to admit.

It’s okay to say, I am not enjoying this.

That they are doing your head in.

But, everyday even though you do not want to get out of bed as you are bone achingly tired you will get up and do it all again.

Everyday your kids are fed, happy, clean and loved.

Why? Because that’s what you do, that’s what I do and those small moments in the day no one sees except you? Where the eldest snuggles up to his baby brother, when you all sit down and watch a film, when your toddler helps you out holding the door open for you to get the pram through, for unloading the tumble dryer. For telling you that you are his best friend, that’s why you continue to do what you do.

Oh, and gin helps.

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