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From Cot to bed - how Claire did it

Thursday, 21 July 2016  |  Admin

This week I have taken the sides off Jack's cot and converted it to a bed. This was needed after I found him sitting on the top of the side rail of the cot shouting that he was 'stuck.'

I'm not going to lie to you all, I was absolutely dreading it. Jack is two and absolutely hates going to bed. He often tells me 'no sleep' and only a really structured bedtime routine has helped.

Jack is still getting used to the move and as he has only had two nights in his bed, I'm certain there will be some more stumbling blocks to tackle before he feels entirely comfortable.

I thought I'd share a few things that I have found useful to know or try when transitioning your toddler into a different bed.

1) Don't take advice to be absolute fact

This may seem an odd one as in this post I'm giving tips on how I transitioned Jack into a bed. The thing is, they are only tips. If something different works for you, then go with it. For example, there are many articles out there stating that you should leave the bed in the same position so that your child experiences less of a change. Jack's bed was a little too near to a window ledge for my liking so I have moved his bed to a different part of the room. So far - no problems!

2) Get a good bed guard and try to set up the room early in the day

I learnt this a little too late. I did get a good bed guard but didn't envisage that it would take quite so long to take the sides off the cot and then put the guard on. This meant that Jack went to bed a lot later than usual.

3) Explain why your child is moving beds

For us, Jack settled better when we explained that he was too big for his cot and therefore had a big boy bed as a present. He was very excited about looking at his bed and loved that we could sit in bed together to read his bedtime story.

4) Be prepared for your child to get out of bed a lot!

Once the side of the cot is off, your child has a route of entry and exit out of the cot. Be prepared for your child to get out of his cot a lot. Be patient and just put him back in the bed - no matter how long it takes.

Good luck with the transition guys!