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Monday, 18 April 2016  |  Admin

Me – My pregnancy story starts 6 years ago when I fell pregnant with my son and it was a ‘standard’ pregnancy, I got a little sickness in the beginning which I found that when I ate I felt better. I stayed at work until I was 36 weeks pregnant and I was as active as I could be until he is born. I had a ‘standard’ birth in my local birthing unit.

      After my son was born I dropped the excess weight quickly and got in my pre-pregnancy jeans 4 weeks after but I had that little bit of a ‘mummy tummy’ that I couldn’t shift until I went back to work. I went back after 5 months and had an active outdoor job and within the month I was back to pre-pregnancy size. I must point out at this time that I say size rather than weight because due to my job and being an active person my weight doesn’t reflect the size of clothes I am. I’ll say it I’m a standard size 10 (size 8 in some shops) but my weight is 61/62Kg (about 10 stone). When I do compare that to other size 10 women they tend to be around the 9 stone mark.

For me it is about being happy within my own skin and that is all. Which brings me to my current pregnancy, my current job has been has changed since my last pregnancy where I have climbed the career ladder and I’m a junior manager and spend a lot of my time in the office. So my personal fitness has changed, I’ll take my 5 year old out for runs round the park and swimming and when I can I’d go to evening classes. Don’t get me wrong I’m a chocaholic and loved an occasional wine or two but all in moderation. I figured when my husband and I decided to have baby #2 I’d be able to work as close to due date as possible and do as much exercise as I my body would allow to make the process of regaining my shape after much easier.

This has had to change A LOT. I was quite sick from 6 - 18 weeks which is common then it settled (hooray), we had 2 weeks of ‘standard’ pregnancy and we has our 20 week and the baby is healthy which is great. I went back to work after Christmas and noticed that after I walked into the office I was in temporary pain around my pelvis for about an hour then it disappeared, all I was doing was walking from the staff car park to the office which was about 200m away. This problem got worse very quickly. Within the week I started parking in the disabled bay at work (with bosses permission) but just walking upstairs to the office would put me in a lot of pain. I contacted my midwife who immediately referred me to my local hospital physiotherapist for SPD.

I was very scared that I was just getting tarnished with the SPD brush but after being assessed the physiotherapist found a slight twist in my lower spine which caused my pelvis to drop on one side which caused it to grind and cause me the pain. I had been given exercises that have kept it under control and a SPD belt to pull my pelvis together. SPD affects different women in different way and mine is just pelvis pain and as my pregnancy go on more back pain. Mine was possibly bought on by an injury that I obtained due to a car accident where my back got jarred, I recovered to the point I was not in pain but obviously the problem hadn’t disappeared completely. But I have been under bed and sofa arrest since early February, had to go sick at work and go onto early maternity leave. Very little exercise throughout my pregnancy. Very demoralising and makes me fear how I will cope with a new-born and a 5 year whilst trying to recover from birth and SPD. My blog will highlight my birth choices to accommodate the pain that I’m already in and how I get back to my healthy self.