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First day at school nerves - early

Thursday, 15 September 2016  |  Admin

Over the past week or so my social media feeds have been rammed with parents updates about their kids starting school.

The other night on Channel 5 I  was watching a documentary entitled First Day at Big School, but even though my son is only 2 years and won't start school for another 2 years I started to feel a bit worried for him for what's to come in a few short years.

If you read my personal blog then you may know that Joey doesn't go to nursery, he did last year for about 5 months but then i found it too expensive. He's now 2 years old, still not in nursery and struggling with speech and communication. Going to nursery would really improve his communication etc, i know how important learning is even at this young age. Because I've been seeing a lot of posts recently about kids Joey's age starting nursery I've felt really bad that he isn't having that experience just yet.

So when i was flicking through the telly the other night i stumbled across this programme and i was pretty gripped to it where I usually wouldn't watch something like that. I was curious though at how children at 4 years old interact as I can't imagine what Joey will be like in 2 years time. The programme in my opinion was quite good at giving a behind the scenes look inside a classroom, the very first classroom your child will start. It showed how each child was different and had their own way of communicating and interacting with their friends. I kept saying to my hubby during the show that I couldn't imagine Joey starting school in another 2 years with the lack of communication he has at the moment. I also worry that he won't make friends or that he'll really hate going to school everyday for the next 12 or so years of his life. My own experience with school when i was younger wasn't great. I changed schools quite a lot, bullied and being dyslexic made me hate school. I also know what it's like to be bullied and that is something I will be terrified of Joey having to face.

I know not everybody likes going to school we all have either a good or bad experience but it's up to us as parents I suppose to encourage our children to enjoy school and get the best out of their education whether it be academically, socially or in sport. I hope that in 2 years time that Joey is a chatterbox and will know how to interact with other children.

Like all parents I will be probably be a nervous wreck dropping him off at school for the first time but I'm looking forward to him starting his education, making friends and enjoying life. Did you watch First Day at Big School the other night or have just had your childs first week at school?