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Find your motherhood balance

Thursday, 31 August 2017  |  Admin

A lot about becoming a parent, is about the child. If you're thinking 'duh?' then bare with me. It's tough on a new mum, you've been through the mill with pregnancy, labour and birth and suddenly everything in life shifts into focus on this tiny human. It's natural, but it's still not easy. So many new mums lose their way in the fog of motherhood, and who can blame them? Visitors want to ask how the baby is doing? How much did they weigh? Do they sleep? How often are you asked how you're feeling? I definitely felt as though I lost my identity a little when I first became a Mum, I really didn't know how to find me again, so many things I enjoyed doing previously didn't really suit a 'Mum' lifestyle and what was one of those anyway? I felt as though I didn't fit in.

But, that changed. As months went by I slowly adapted and found my own footing in the ways of motherhood. I realised quickly that I didn't have to conform to what society felt a mother should be, instead I worked out what worked for us as a family and that meant, finding my old self again. I was always into fashion and beauty, as you'll know if you follow my on my blog ( and it was something I didn't want to forget. I was someone before the baby and I just had to let the old me shine again. I took control, in small choices that made big impacts in my life. Allowing myself to get my hair done without feeling guilty, letting the grandparents look after their grandchild for a few hours whilst I binge watched trash tv and incorporating my new found 'mum style' with my love of fashion. The world of changing bags fascinated me when I first stumbled upon it, I mean, I could actually own a bag that housed everything I'd need for baby and me, yet still be completely stylish? What on earth was this wizardry. It felt great, I was equip for mum duty but without the bulky pram matching bags that come as part of a mum uniform, instead wielding my very own stylish alternative. It was another simple claw back to finding the balance between motherhood and me. Now four years down the line, I'd like to think that balance is pretty even, I still go out occasionally but I'm quite often in bed by 11pm, I still drink, but it's more a glass of fizz than shots of whatever is cheapest.

Motherhood is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't have to be all consuming, it's all about balance.