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Emily's Baby Changing bag essentials

Thursday, 9 March 2017  | 

My Changing Bag Essentials


A changing bag for me is a big thing, it's something that needs to provide ease to a mothers life in my eyes so naturally I feel there are some crucial elements that I have to have in my changing bags. I guess it's like looking for a house, a car, a holiday, you have an idea in your head of what you absolutely want and what extra bonus features are desired but not essential. Below are a few things I think about when purchasing a changing bag (believe me I have a few) 


  • The handle - it has to be large enough for me to wear both on my shoulder, and the crux of my arm. No handheld bag for me thank you.
  • The fabric - with two smalls now in my life, it is an absolute must that my changing bag must be wipe clean.
  • Compartments - the more the better. If I could be a hoarder I would, so you can never have enough in my opinion.
  • Style - if my changing bag is bulky and garish then I'm not going to be happy. I like it to look as little like a generic changing bag as possible.
  • Weight - like I said I do enjoy to cram my bag full, so if the bag itself when empty is already heavy - it's a big no no.
  • Accessibility - when my baby has had a poonami, I need to be grabbing things, quick. 101 zips and buttons to get into the bag would turn me off.
  • Changing mat - most changing bags come with one. But size is important, it has to be big enough to shield a 2 year old from those yucky public changing rooms.
I know it might seem fussy, but they're all important factors to me. A changing bag is something I carry with me every single time I leave the house, so it has to be right, right? I hate nothing more than messing around searching a bag for my keys through a sea of things that could easily be stored in little side compartments. So that along with the changing mat size are possibly my two most important points, a lot of changing mats in changing bags I feel cater just for the newborns, without thinking about the wriggling toddler you'll have laying on it in a years time. 
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