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Early rising toddlers and what can be done

Friday, 30 September 2016  |  Admin

I'm a morning person but saying that I do not believe my morning should start at 4:30am.

Jack for the past few months has been waking up earlier and earlier. He would wake up in the early hours and would be convinced that it was 'playtime.' After a few months of just hoping this was a phase, I decided to combat the issue. The first thing I did was buy a Gro clock. A Gro clock visually shows a toddler when it is time to get up by changing from blue (nighttime) to yellow ( time to get up.) To begin with I completely regretted buying this as Jack quickly worked out how to change the clocks colour by pressing a few buttons. He even managed to do this when I put it in locked mode.

After a few long nights, Jack began to understand the clock and now uses it and manages to stay in bed a little longer first thing. Jack's early rising happened a few weeks after we changed him to the toddler bed. That element of freedom meant that he was getting out of his bed multiple times during the night. We quickly realised that Jack just wasn't tired enough for bed when the evening arrived. He then started to drop his nap. I've had to adjust to this as I had definitely gotten used to him sleeping for around 90 minutes in the day.

The dropping of his nap meant that he was ready for bed and went to sleep quickly. Some days he will drop off to sleep and take a nap in the day but nap time isn't structured for us anymore. We have always been a fan of routine but we have focused on making his bedtime routine a bit longer and ensuring that it isn't rushed. By doing this and adding in a bit of quiet time and a few extra books, Jack has been more willing to go to bed. Jack now wakes around 6am, still early but pretty normal I would say! Do you have an early rising toddler? How did you combat it?