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Do your kids have too many toys?

Wednesday, 30 November 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me


I look around the room, and can see the ever expanding mass of toys leaking out of the play room into the rest of the house. Only a month to go until Christmas and we have more toys than Toys R Us. We decided maybe a year ago now that we would take the dining table out, and Elijah would have one room with all of his toys, the play room. However, there are toys in the living room, the bathroom and even in my bed. It did not work. They have infested the house like a small plague. They even go off in the toy chest in the middle of the night.

Now is the season toys are being advertised everywhere and anywhere and I want to scream, PLEASE DO NOT BUY MY CHILD MORE TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS!

It is not really a secret that Elijah is a tad spoilt something I really need to quash before he becomes even more of a Prince than he is now. I guess a mixture of working mum guilt, the fact he had a big surgery so young and being my first born means he has been spoilt rotten for two years. Now my house is paying the price.

Elijah celebrated his second birthday in September and had a little party where friends and family showered him with toys, mainly of the noisy, bulky and plastic variety. To those parents who brought us clothes,the favour will be returned!

In those first years I think it is easy to go overboard. I remember before he was even here, there was whole room dedicated to the sheer amount of baby equipment, toys and clothes that we had got for him. 40% of that we probably didn't even use or need. I didn't want him to want for anything, as I had done.

Now, 2 years on I am slightly regretting this mantra but still find myself going into Poundland to buy tat that will break or get lost when I have been at work as a treat for him. Or spend hours planning and scrolling online to see what I can get him for Christmas.

This year (along with every other year) the immortal words were once again uttered, 'WE ARE CUTTING BACK'. I meant it, yes Elijah is very lucky and we have got him some really nice presents but not a patch on last years haul. After all, he is 2 and whether he has 10 presents or 100 he is just excited to get a present. For the last two months I have really taken notice of what he seems to play with at home, the toys that come out again and again. I even spoke to his nursery worker to see what he plays with there and have brought him what I think he will use more. Not like the poor toys that are left at the bottom of the trunk and have been for the last year.

We will be having a clear out before Christmas as I want to teach Elijah that yes, he is lucky but he can give back to those who may not have as many toys as he does. I want to teach him the value of Christmas that it isn't just the presents, but also the time we spend as a family, I could easily spend my whole wages on presents but then there would be no taking him on the Santa train, or the any of the local Christmas events.

I have completed my Christmas shopping now, and am very thankful! I am done, feet up chocolate out with Jingle All the Way On. There is so much pressure now a days on parents to provide this amazing Christmas for their kids with all of the most expensive popular toys being brought. But this has made me think.. is it necessary and where on earth will they go? On average most 'it' toys are around £50.00. Elijah has spent the last week with a clutch bag with two potatoes in it. I want Elijah to think back on his childhood Christmas and be happy for the experience not just the value of what we brought him. I want him to give back to be kind and charitable and to help those less fortunate than us. This is what Christmas is really about not the £50.00 talking Whale which would drive me insane after about an hour but teaching Elijah the lessons I hope one day he will pass on to his kids. (She says stepping back from the offers in Argos quickly and retreating to the door, chanting he does not need this, he does not need this.... )