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Do you need a Christmas Clear out

Friday, 2 December 2016  |  Admin


When people prepare for Christmas it usually involves the usual questions... where are we putting the tree? Do we need new decorations? Where are those hundreds of Christmas cards we had left from last year. Christmas can be a really good opportunity to get organised in a number of different ways...

Toys - over the course of a year our kids build up quite a collection of toys. Some are used more than others and then some never get used at all. On the run up to Christmas it's a good idea to have a toy clear out, get rid of anything that hasn't been used in months. But instead of just throwing out the unloved toys, consider giving them to a charity shop or local hospital.

Wardrobe - it's a woman's prerogative to have a wardrobe like Narnia and i know from experience that things can get lost or fall to the bottom of wardrobes. Go through your wardrobe and anything that hasn't been worn in over 6 months can be gotten rid of. There are several ways to dispose of unwanted clothing charity shops, Ebay, local selling pages etc. So not only will a big wardrobe clear out make you feel better it could also be turned into some more spending money for Christmas or a some new clothes.

Kitchen - I am absolutely terrible at chucking everything and anything into my kitchen cupboards but then i do enjoy a good cupboard clearout. Clearing out your cupboards for a good clean is great and can also allow you to do a stock take for any bits you'll need for Christmas dinner. The tinned food cupboard is always a place where outdated food gets hidden or for hoarding tins of food that you don't use. If you come across any unused tinned food that you know you won't use, instead of throwing in the bin think about taking to your local food bank.

Having a really thorough clear out before Christmas can be a great idea to get rid of unused items, earn some extra money and having room for gifts you get at Christmas.

Do you like to have a big pre-christmas clearout?