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Do you have a pregnancy helper?

Thursday, 23 March 2017  |  Admin

#7 The pregnancy helper?


I am over the half way point of my second pregnancy, I have experienced a lot of differences compared to my first. One of the biggest? Having a two-year-old toddler. When I was pregnant with Elijah I spent many a day in my pants eating cake and watching re runs of the Real Housewives. This time round I have had Elijah to run around after, there is no rest bite when the small human demands that you pretend you are Mr Tumble, or when he tells you how big your belly is getting!

At the beginning, it was tough with morning sickness and extreme tiredness I had to tell Elijah there was a lot I couldn’t do. Cue extreme mum guilt. However, things have now taken a shift and I am now well into the second trimester and feeling a lot better, although there is now a lot more of me! As my bump is growing, so is Elijah’s love for the baby. He kisses my bump, tells the baby what he has been doing and tells me to have a rest! He does pretend my ‘was an innie now and outie’, bellybutton is the Octonaught Alarm but hay, a small price to pay.

He is quickly becoming my pregnancy helper, something I cannot remember doing without! Without asking he will get one of his little chairs and tell me to put my feet on it. I said I was hungry and before I knew it he had nipped off to the kitchen and got me a snack. He regularly shares his treats with me, and snuggles into me when I am on the sofa. Yes, I may have to ‘say the magic’ and send the spotty bag to Justin but I have just been given a half-chewed cookie and a foot rest.

The other amazing thing, our naps. Slightly reminiscent of Joey and Ross in Friends, me and Elijah have some great naps together. I don’t nap half as well without him! For me, this pregnancy is all about ease, and for the most part Elijah does seem to be making things easier recently. He helps with the washing. I may need to start loaning him out to other pregnant mothers if they need a hand! However, he will come with a warning, he will make you ill every other week with his germs! I have had a cold for 80% of this pregnancy.

There have been a few issues, Elijah has been acting out slightly. I think this may be due to the changes going on in the house. Bedrooms are being redecorated, baby stuff is getting delivered every few days it has been slightly overwhelming. I have tried to keep to a routine to avoid further upset but it is hard to tell if it is the baby, or if it is normal soon to be threenager behaviour. We have started becoming more consistent with our discipline to try and minimise any more upset, so he knows what to expect before and after the baby is born.

Elijah does seem to naturally want to help and be involved in day to day chores. He relishes in making his own lunch, or helping look after his hamster. I do live in hope that he will he as helpful when the baby is here. I am also slightly worried he will freak out, play up or demand to play handbags when I have a baby clamped to my boob. That’s another thing right now Elijah is obsessed with my boobs, I have no idea where this came from as he wasn’t even breastfed!

It is likely things may get a bit tricky as time goes on. Soon I will be in the third trimester and the size of a small semidetached house. I cannot pick up Elijah as much as I like, and he is beginning to get used to having to walk a bit further, without me carrying him (normally asks to be carried after point blank refusing to take the pram and saying he wants to walk after 10 minutes). I am quite happy having my little pregnancy helper around and it does feel like we are experiencing this together which does make it more special. Except that I must pretend to be Mr Tumble. I need more cookies for that.