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Do you have a favourite child

Monday, 19 February 2018  |  Mummy and Little Me


I never had to think about this as a mum of one, but now there are two small humans I have co- created it has got me thinking.

Do we all secretly have a favourite child, but we just don’t want to admit it?

Me and Greg regularly joke and ask which one is your favourite (out of earshot of said children), and we laugh and joke but is there some truth in it?

For me it is quite simple, which one slept through the night (spoiler it is never the little one), who isn’t pooing or peeing on me, and who is being less of a pain in the butt that day.

Now, the big one is being very sweet recently, and helpful mainly because he is after another trip to the toy shop while the little one is in full on demon baby mode.

Then there will be a time in the night where the big wakes me up every hour to get the drinks bottle next to his head and the little one snuggles into me with his little breaths when it is just getting light.

Swings and roundabouts.

Clearly, when I was growing up my mother had a favourite and it was not me. We were regularly pitted against one another.

Someone was always in her good books being spoilt, and she then used that child against the unlucky less favourite child... moi.

Yes, it did affect me, so I am so careful to treat the boys the same. It is a tad tricky ATM when for example Harlow isn’t old enough to get some sweets in a shop like Elijah or earn stickers on a reward chart.

I am very conscious of Greg being at work 5 days a week to spend equal time with both, especially Elijah. Elijah can take himself of watch a DVD in his bedroom and miss out on the quality time, so I make sure they have the bonding time.

I know this will be easier when they get older.

There is always going to need to be a balance, there is always going to be guilt especially when it may seem we favour Elijah when it comes to hospital appointments etc.

For now, though, Harlow is with me 90% of the time, and Elijah goes to pre school 2 days a week, so I feel as though I need to have some time with just me and him, so he doesn’t miss out. He understands that Harlow is a baby and quite demanding.

I hope things will even out in a couple of months, I think we will still joke about which one our favourite is just in private! (the one with the best grades and not getting anyone pregnant at 16!).

So, do you dare ask yourself which one your favourite is and why?!

It may surprise you how quickly you can answer that!

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