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Do you do baby massage?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014  |  Admin

Well I jumped at the chance for a place on the baby massage course in our local children's centre. I was extremely excited for a chance to spend some special time with Beatrice and it sounded so relaxing on the flyer ........ I assumed it would be twinkly lights nice smelling oils lots of relaxing music and completely stress free.
Well on session one we were given our work sheets and some olive oil and met our teacher who was actually amazing and shown a few of the massage techniques..Beatrice at this stage was happy to try but wasn't impressed with the foot massage and proceeded to protest then giggle then cry ...... so we spent the 2nd half of the session with Beatrice snuggled up under her aden and anais muslin hiding as if to say there's not a chance i'm going back on that mat .... so we watched the other babies have there massage !! However we enjoyed it all the same and returned the following week for session 2 !!!!. This session was about tummy and chest massage which was lovely and indeed started off perfect as the relaxing music was turned on as I undressed Beatrice again protesting for her muslin I had to let her hold this while we began ..... well I'm not sure what happened but this massage seemed to shift her wind and Beatrice was burping so loud in between giggles then with her feet in the air she was trumping so loudly so the whole class and myself were in fits of giggles as my daughter naked with muslin over face and legs in the air was letting out the.most noisy trumps ever !!! So it may have been magical for reflux I don't know what happened but Beatrice certainly didn't have any problems with bringing up her wind . Some of the other children were doing it too so must of been the massage, was funny all the same !!!!

The last session started fab as the children had their feet painted for a certificate which bea was happy with at first then we were encouraged to lay our children on the front to start the back massage now Beatrice hates tummy time and ended up screaming so again I got her dressed and calmed her down and just watched the rest of the session ? However it was really good fun and really informative and Beatrice did enjoy some of the massage we had been taught .... I don't know if it's helped her reflux or anything really but it was nice to have some mummy and little one time !! The olive oil was great for her skin too and we met some nice people in the group too even though it wasn't exactly as I'd expected .... maybe I was wishful thinking we were going to a spa day with champagne on arrival rather than a children's centre :)
I'd definitely recommend baby massage even if it's for a session of giggles .... I'm not sure why burping and trumping becomes so hilarious when your a mummy ....!!! X plus it was lovely to get our certificate too and ill cherish Beatrices tiny foot prints as she won't be small forever sadly ..... x