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Distraction Techniques for Toddlers

Wednesday, 5 October 2016  |  Admin

It's '5 Toddler Distraction Activities' because lets face it, they can be quite wild at times and when the dishes need washing, the dishes need washing.

Hope you're all well.


Emily - Babies and Beauty

5 Toddler Distraction Activities.

When you need just 10 minutes to get that load of washing on the line, or those last few dishes washed and dried, but you've got a toddler at your feet - what do you do? I'm forever trying to think of some quick distraction techniques to keep Noah busy whilst I get some simple jobs done. So here are some of the best I've found (aka. the ones that distract for enough time for a cup of tea too).

Magnetic Letters

Magnetic letters and a baking tray. That's right, a good old baking tray, we all have one. Pop some magnetic letters or numbers on and you're certain to have an entertained little one for at least 20 minutes, I usually give Noah a mixing bowl too to pop them all in when he's pulling them off and putting them on again.


Paintbrushes and water - the perfect mess free solution to painting. Noahs always wanting to have a painting session and if I'm honest, sometimes I just don't want the mess. Paintbrushes with a cup of water is the perfect way, it's still making marks and it washes away. It's one I'll usually whip out the bag for him whilst I'm pegging out the washing, that way he can 'paint' the side of the house or the patio, he's having fun and I'm getting jobs done - perfect.


A balloon, do not be fooled by the little measly balloon you have floating around in your messy draw. It can provide hours, yes HOURS, of endless fun for little ones. Noah loves throwing it up and down, sitting on it (yes he gets the pop warnings) and when he's becoming bored, fill some others up with different objects - rice, water, peas - listen to the different noises and compare them. Yes little thoughtless activities can learn them a thing or two, too.

Soapy Water

Soapy water and toys. Why do all the work yourself? Noah adores giving his cars a 'car wash', and he's saving me a job, because if I'm honest I definitely don't give his toys a thorough wash often enough. He feels grown up as it looks like he's doing an adult job, and I'm feeling smug as it's one for me to cross off my list - win, win.

Spaghetti and Sieves

Spaghetti and Sieves, a fantastic fine motor activity. Turn a colander up side down, and let them try to pop uncooked spaghetti through the holes, they'll really concentrate and give you that extra time you need to get whatever you need to do, done. Plus again, it's learning and what more can you ask for from such a simple activity?

Do you have any fail safe, toddler distraction techniques, I'd love to hear them?