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Did you have a Pregnancy Journal?

Monday, 22 May 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

Pregnancy Journals... 

I've recently just noticed that Mummy and Little Me have added lot's of new mother and baby gifts to the website one in particular stood out to me which was the Bump to Birthday Journal because that's the one that I have.




Sophia is nearly 3 now and I still often tell my birth story and woes of pregnancy to other mums at playgroups but last night when I dug out my journal and read it, it brought back just how many little details I had forgot about that had skipped my mind over time. It was really special to read through how I felt at 12 weeks pregnant the day of our first scan and how scared I was at 35 weeks when I got sent to hospital for high blood pressure. It was also great to read through my birth story which I wrote when Sophia was only about a week old, so it was still fresh in mind and obviously a lot more fresh than it is in my mind now nearly 3 years later. It was very interesting to see which bits I had forgotten and how I felt at the time. I was induced and ended up having emergency forceps, I had gas and air at first which didn't help me so I asked for a epidural. The anaesthetist came in but quickly got called out to emergency surgery so I had pethadine. The story as I remember it that she came back in soon maybe 15-30 minutes after I had the pethadine to give me the epidural but as I wrote down at the time was that it was actually 2 hours later so my memory is wrong. There are a lot of little details and special moments that are no longer at the forefront of my mind and I am so glad that I wrote them down so that I can remember them forever.



There are a lot of pregnancy journals about and I remember spending weeks deciding the right one to get and In went for this one. I love how it is gender neutral and it has gorgeous illustration throughout. There is a lot of room for photos and scan pictures. What makes it more special than others is that you can document your child's first year too from first smile, tooth, birthday, holiday and Christmas it doesn't leave anything out. It also prompts you to write down what was popular the year that your child was born, what single was number 1 at the time of there birth and what was going on in the world also how much was basic items such as a loaf of bread. I'm sure all these facts will be interesting to look back at in 20 years time.

Overall it is a beautiful keepsake and it would make a great gift for any expecting parent. To learn more about this item or to purchase it please click here. Did you keep a pregnancy journal? - Jodie x