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Did anyone else cry during Emmerdale?

Monday, 19 August 2013  |  Admin

Well I have a very busy week ahead of me , ive got my routine tests at midwives on Tuesday , then off to the hospital on Wednesday for more blood tests :'(
So ill be feeling even more like a pin cushion than I already do !!! X
Ive had lots of pain over the weekend and had to see a gp , but baby all ok it just seems that my previous lady repair might not be going as planned ........
My registrar is convinced that ill have a normal delivery this time , yet midwife gp and myself are of different opinions , im getting more and more anxious about this and can't wait for everything to be sorted out :( , well so I can make some plans at least .....
Ive been struggling at work 12hr shifts are not suiting my feet at all , but nearly 29 weeks pregnant so there is a light at the end of the tunnel , im only working two of these shifts a week so its giving me a little time for swelling to be returning back to normal :) .
I'm trying to stay as active as completely possible as with two other children to entertain in these holidays I need to keep getting out the house !!!!
Has anyone seen the new things on mummyandlittleme website ? There have been some beautiful soft toys and some very beautiful new bags :) , especially the spotty ones !!!! Think that may have to go on my wish list . .... Think all mummys deserve new presents and treats ! Well that's what im telling Stu !!!!
My emotional out bursts have curbed slightly now , and all though im still weepy over random things im not all over the place !!!
But to be fair who hasnt cried at the funeral in Emmerdale ......?????????
Well I shall take my phone and try and blog at hospital on Wednesday since it seems ill be there all day :( !!!! I'll be taking a good book and possible borrow stus iPod to cope with boredom of waiting rooms , that have nothing exciting to look at apart from posters of fruit , veg and people looking radiant that have "alleged" given birth !!! Woohoo !!!!
Sarah :) xxx,

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