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Dairy Allergies and parenting

Wednesday, 21 March 2018  |  Admin


So this is a little secret this is my first blog but you know what I’m so excited to be doing this, sometimes being a parent can be really really lonely so it’s good to share our experiences. 

Here’s a bit about me to start....

I am a mother of four wonderful children and aged 963 and 8 weeks. 2 boys and 2 girls, none planned but how lucky are we �� 

Being a parent is the best thing in the world but at times I have never experienced such challenges. One of those for us is cmpa or a dairy allergy. 

You are always learning as a parent. One thing I’ve learnt is that no two children are the same. Having two children with a dairy allergy I thought I knew what to expect when the second one came along. How wrong could I be? I also now know we missed symptoms with our older two and could have made life easier back then. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing? 

The challenges I faced with our three-year-old: the constant Vomiting, the constant screaming, constipation, bad skin, slow weight gain or as the doctors like to call it failure to thrive. Can you imagine being told your child is failure to thrive? Talk about Failure as a parent. 


But mamma bear came out and I fought and fought for her corner. My daughter did not have a voice to be able to tell us what was the matter with her,  we finally found a doctor who listened and how amazing is that? Someone telling you mummy instinct is on point, that there was a reason for everything not just that you were crap or that your child wasn’t just a ‘difficult baby.’ That she refused the breast because it hurt, and refused milk because it made her sick. Not because of you. 


This isn’t this is why I’m doing this because if your child has a dairy allergy you’re not alone. It may not be just colic, or a troubled baby as it used to be thought. 


The challenge of getting someone to listen when they say oh it’s just colic can be overcome, your mummy instinct is right.

And firstly I am here listening.


This time round with the baby and I decided that as it wasn’t me last time, I would breastfeed this time as much as I could, fast forward to 8 weeks with slow weight gain, reflux, constipation and constantly feeling like you’re trying to starve your child just because you want to feed them. But there is light, a gp who specialises and already a referral to paeds means we are on top of it, my little lollipop is growing very slowly. It makes me feel awful every time I get him dressed as he is so long and skinny and I question every day is today the day I fully put him on formula?


Now on to food. 


For our 3 year old and now myself eating dairy and soya free used to be a right nightmare, but the choices for us are getting bigger, people such as chefs are understanding; there is chocolate that doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds... imagine dark chocolate, and new things like ice cream look a likes. Why are they so expensive though? It’s not our choice. It’s no different to us buying sanitary products, i mean who wants their period? No one chooses to have allergies, so there shouldn’t be a premium on the cost of our foods. 


And why do companies feel the need to change recipes and add dairy or soya? Why change a good thing? I don’t have three hours to do a food shop to check for the changes to our favourite products like party rings or monster munch. Lol. I don’t even have three hours to do anything in one go ��


So if you have allergies, what’s your favourite finds? We’re yet to find a cheese that is fairly ok, the last one tasted of vomit lol ��


Ours is below: 


Moo free chocolate, 

Mrs crimbles cakes - gooey chocolate ones, and madeleines 

Tesco plain fairy cakes


Oat milk (not as bad as it sounds)

Chocolate mateys 


Comment and let me know your surprising finds if you have allergies or have a child

With them. 


Join me next time for the next installment of mummy life.