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Couple time is very important

Saturday, 22 October 2016  |  Admin

Why couple time is important.

When you're a parent it's so hard to see anything beyond your children, especially if you stay at home, work from home or are like me and currently on maternity leave, your day really does just revolve around your little ones. Well, little ones and housework of course. It's easy to get caught up over who didn't lock the front door, or who put the bins out last and get lost in doing things for everyone else. Me and John can go all week without really spending any time together. When the boys are in bed, it's usually me watching my trashy tv, John doing some coding or other techy bits on his computer and then it'll be washing up, cleaning bottles and bed. Before I get to bed, I'll sort the boys clothes out for the next day, so that the morning runs a little smoother, I usually set the washing machine up so it's ready to go at the click of a button in the morning. All that means, is yes, my morning will be a little easier, but I'll climb into bed to a fast asleep John and realise we haven't really spoken. Yes, I've asked him to empty the bin, and he's thanked my for the lovely dinner, but sometimes it's nice to have a little more than that.

That's why making time together is so important, you have to just shut off and forget about everything else. I'm not saying having long in-depth chats staring into each others eyes, but sit and watch a film together, or start a TV series (as long as no one cheats and watches an ep without the other) You need to find some common ground again, and something that isn't your offspring. Me and John decided a few weeks ago to have a movie-athon and ended up watching a triology of films over the space of a week. It was so lovely, and took next to no effort, but we enjoyed it, we looked forward to it. We'd pop the boys to bed, whip out our snacks and be impatient when the other needed the loo. It's something I'd definitely encourage others to do, and something we're certainly going to do again. When was the last time you and your partner spent some quality time together?