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Coping with SPD Pain

Friday, 22 April 2016  |  Admin

Coping with SPD pain

I write this and can only talk for myself.

SPD is a condition that affects different women in different ways.  Sometimes pelvis pain (like me), sometimes problems with hips and even sometimes women can get both.

All pregnant ladies are full of hormones and one of them relaxing the muscles around the pelvis in order for babies to get out ultimately and for some ladies these can cause issues.

In my 1st pregnancy I had no problems like this so I believed it wouldn’t be issues this time. This time for me at about 21 weeks I started to get pain through the front of my pelvis which got bad quickly and as I put on weight my lower back started to hurt at around 30 weeks.

I told my midwife at 22 weeks and got referred to a physiotherapist whom I saw 3 weeks later. She diagnosed me with the problem with my lower spine which would not have been detected should I have not have been pregnant. Anyway I have been told that once the baby is born it could take a few weeks to get back to normal but in the meantime I just have to cope with it.

I was given some exercises to straighten my spine align my pelvis which has helped me. But it didn’t stop all the pain. But below are some more tips from elsewhere have helped me.

  1. Getting in and out of a chair or bed to tilt your pelvic back which locks the front of the pelvis together and prevents it from rubbing which ultimately causing the sharp pain.
  2. To the same end as above I have a support belt that goes under your bump that is tight and prevents the rubbing again to wear when walking.  This doesn’t mean you can walk for miles because as soon as it comes off it is short lived relief followed by the same issue. Even with the belt I can just about walk around a supermarket for the bare essentials.  (Online shopping is the best).
  3. After any movements like the walking with the belt an ice pack to the front and if possible a heat pad to the lower back helps but both are short lived.
  4. I have tried swimming which caused the weightlessness which was great. Lightly kicking is not too bad but soon that hurt so I just swam with my arms. Getting out of the pool and getting back to my weight again hurt really bad so I haven’t been back.
  5. My saviour is the bath. Although getting in and out is an issue with pelvis tilting I can bear it and I can relax and be almost pain free.

SPD is the only issue I’ve had and it has in no way affected the rest of my pregnancy everything else has been good and the baby is well and I’m classed as a low risk pregnancy still which was a big relief for me.