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Chrissy's Top 10 parenting products

Friday, 6 April 2018  |  Admin


The Ideal World – My Top Ten Fab Parenting Products


As a mummy to four I have already been through a stack of products some that were more of a hinderance than a help to our parenting journey; so here’s mine and Hubby’s top 10 parenting products that make our busy life that bit easier


  1. Going back to old school – our Milton steriliser. Now we’ve had electric ones both Tommee Tippee and avent, and even with the proper care and attention, bottles went a funny colour and limescale built up.

After a visit to hospital where the nurses used the Milton, we wash it up bung it in, and can add and take away items within 24 hours. It sterilises in 15 minutes, and smells super clean J It holds up to 6 bottles, and dummies and is honestly so easy. My mum was very ‘told ya so,’ nothing like the good old fashioned products. Why change a good thing?

  1. Sleepyhead


This was recommended to us as with DD3 we used a toddle pod to help with her reflux, yet it wasn’t officially licensed for overnight sleeping. The sleepyhead is breathable and whilst the lullaby trust recommend always supervising; it is fab to have somewhere safe and near to pop baby, even if it’s to nip to the toilet or to grab a bottle. It is dear, but it honestly is a lifesaver in a busy house.




  1. Number 3 is really easy and versatile it is a large muslin. This could be many brands; though some are softer than others. We have used this for a multitude of reasons; including a breastfeeding cover, sheet cover; light blanket, play-mat. They are cool, easy to wash and so invaluable that we have one or two around including in the changing bag at all times. We are wanting to try the Aden &  Anais brand as these are supposed to be super soft, and being a Disney loving household loving the patterns they come in.




  1. A good changing bag – now if like me; I forget a handbag whilst mine are super little, I go ahead and use the changing bag, so it needs to hold all my mummy bits as well as little mans stuff. So lots of compartments are a must, as well as being something I love the look of; I am not a snob by any means but over the years my tastes and budget have changed, and I am a firm believer you get what you pay for, so it will last you longer.


With baby number 3 I used a leather handbag style and loved it so much, but with an accident with milk means I am on the lookout for a nice one that isn’t so smelly ������ It also needs to be large enough with a reflux baby to hold a fair amount of stuff for a day out J



  1. Tommee tippee perfect prep machine

This has suffered some bad press over the last couple of years, yet we have had it twice (sold the first one as we weren’t having any more babies #countedmychickens) We have never had any issues and the ability to get the bottle super quick at the right temperature for a fussy screaming baby is fab. The other reason I love this is because we use formula tailored for allergies we need something that will suit anything that they might be put on, as life is about trial and error with milk at the moment. My previous blog is looking at life with a CMPA baby #allergyawareness @tommeetippeeuk




  1. A camera, doesn’t have to be amazing, but this is to capture all the precious memories that we make as parents. We take them on our phones then upload to social media as unluckily for us my family live 500 miles away. L I do miss the fact I used to print a lot of photos off and now; everything is digital so new late news years resolution – make keepsakes for the children just like Imogen’s baby album 
  1. I discussed this blog with a mummy friend and they have added this product. My friend has a few children; so no stranger to baby products and believes in the bare necessities but this is a must have. The nappy bin; there are a few makes around but they all trap the smells and the nasties. Easy to empty and easy to use, she rates this highly for a need. @tommeetippeeuk @angelcareuk #nomorenasties


  1. I asked my sister what her must haves are; she came up with two, the first one being spoons that screw directly onto pouches in case you were out and about and it made life so much easier as all in one place for feeding.

They also fitted into pouches that were made up with homemade foods or branded pouches.


My children would not want to use these though, the colour is red; and they follow in hubby’s footsteps where red is banned as it’s a Tottenham Hotspur household ����‍♀️ #footiefamily #coys

  1. Her second choice was her car seat that she used after the first stage one; we were the same; we went for a 360 degree seat.

My sister chose the britax car seat - It is I size compliant so it fits with all the new laws that are coming into force this year. We did we went for brightness and have since brought the cybex could q in autumn gold to match as we love the orange. We love love love the cybex sirona in autumn gold. Our daughter was a fan too, and it stopped her escaping as she was Houdini. @britaxroemer@cybex_global #safetyfirst #isize





























  1. After trying a few different sleep aids as there are so many on the market, we used Ewan for our three year old but with her reflux we couldn’t wash him as his electrics couldn’t be removed; he also needed us to press the button to restart.

This time we found my hummy, and he or she is a god send. It has 5 different tunes including our favourite womb noise; there are different versions so you can choose 1 of 4 designs. I made a mummy mistake and ordered my son the girl version pearl; but he loves it so we kept her ��

It has a sensor that turns on the sound when baby stirs or moves and knows when they need it. It really helps soothe baby Arthur five minutes after the photo he was sparko. #amazing #sleepingsoundly