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Charlottes web Spinning Jewellery

Tuesday, 13 June 2017  |  Admin

Charlotte's Web Jewellery

If you are a little keen on shiny objects and somewhat of a Magpie then we hope you will love this very special design Jewellery. Designed in Ibiza and made in India using a small family business to make each piece by hand this gorgeous bling is not only divine but also ticks all the ethical boxes as well.

For those of you (like us) who had never heard of spinning jewellery then stay with us - this stunning silver and gold ware has different dimensions to it so you can subconsciously spin it round while you wear it. This has been proven to aid anxiety and soothe the soul and spirit. The Tibetan Monks have been wearing, using spinning jewellery for centuries . You can buy these stunners in Silver or Gold, some plain and some with Jems on ... You can also buy some matching bangles.


These bangles are equally gorgeous - this really is so different to any other jewellery we have seen. The thing is aw well with CWJ is that once bitten you will want a second ring or bangle....





The funny thing about Charlotte's Web Jewellery is that once customers have bought one from us they often come back fro a second - as you can see above it looks stunning with a few piece together! There are various  semi-prescious stones used in the collection so something for everyone - or you can opt for plain ....

Trust us - this is stunning!