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Charlotte's Web Jewellery

Friday, 7 October 2016  |  Admin



Sometimes you come across something that you can’t resist, you can try, but it is literally impossible, this happened to the Mummy & Little Me team last week and the results are already evident!

When we visited Top drawer in London last week we were not looking for jewellery, we were actually looking for gifts possible connected with pregnancy and motherhood, like for instance things to pamper you with. However on the top floor we turned the last corner before we left and WOW Charlotte’s web Jewellery came out and grabbed us. Charlotte herself the designed and creator was there – what a talented lady. We had never heard of spinning rings and loved the concept, but even if there was no concept we would have still fallen head of heels in love with this beautiful collection of jewellery.

So the concept.....

''In ancient traditions silver spinning rings were worn to help reduce tension levels and anxiety. The repetitive motion of playing with a spinning ring can help to relax and calm the mind. Spinning rings are also known as Worry Rings, Meditation Rings, Prayer Rings and Motion Rings''

Let's face it however old your children are we all have times when we need to calm our minds ... ha ha - If you like to have sets then these stunners do have matching Bangles as well...



Although these photos are stunning we know you will be blown away when you see this - If you like anything Bohemian and you also like Contemporary then this design are  will be right up your street - they just work. If you need any sizing advice then please remember to call us anytime on 01522 684153 so we can help .... although watch out as our over excitement may be catching and you may end up spending more than you intended!