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Friday, 5 January 2018  | 




Yes that’s right for well over a decade which in on-line shopping terms is prehistoric we have been the Baby changing bag experts for the UK. We are a small team based in Lincolnshire dedicated to sourcing the best bags money can buy. Every year we go to all the best shows around the world so we know that we are offering everything a new Mum could need.
Over the last year we have noticed some new trends, PacaPod who have been an inspiration to us in the Baby Changing bag world have led this new ( but not to them) idea of a bag in a bag and it seems you all love it as other brands are following suit.
The other buzzword is backpacks, yes you want to be hands free so you can change nappies, walk the dog, etc etc.... Storksak have come up with some gorgeous new backpacks for the next season and their quality remains outstanding.
Jem + Bea are still very much admired and respected as they keep producing the most elegant sexy leather changing bags you ever did lay your eyes on.
Pink Lining are coming back next season with what we think is their best yet – keep an eye out for those they won’t be long.
Babymel who are determind to keep the prices at a budget for you are still bringing out some great looking bags.
Kerikit have have a very exciting leather collection just around the corner. If a designer changing bag is what you want then do check them out.
Skip Hop have surprised us with wonderfully practical bags which hit the mark clearly as sales are great.
Last but not least are Petunia Pickle Bottom – they are stunning bags that are arriving in the country in about 8 weeks, that’s very exciting.
So if you are looking for a baby changing bag and you don’t know where to start – call us, we will ask you a few choice questions then pick a handful of bags we think would suit your lifestyle – that is what we are here for so don’t be shy.

Call 01522 684153 anytime between Monday – Friday 9 AM – 3.30

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