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Thursday, 7 January 2016  | 



If you are in the lucky situation of having a little Christmas money to spend and want to splash out on a new changing bag then you need to read this! Every year we come up with our best selling top 10 bags list to try and help our customers with their decisions. If you sign up to our emails then you will get the full low down, but here we have given you a little taster of the top 3!


This year we welcomed two new changing bag brands - one is brand new to the market - Jem + Bea and the other Ju-Ju-Be - They have both done remarkably well for us - so our first best seller is the gorgeous

Jemima in Black Leather - £265

Yes it is a little pricey, however if you want a bag that is really going to last a long time and that does not shout BABY at everyone, a bag that you can take on a girls night out, a shopping spree to London or indeed to the local soft play then this is the one. Designed by an ex-Mulberry handbag designer the style just oozes out..... aahhhh ( we LOVE it!)

Ju-Ju-Be First Mate BFF - £135

Well we now totally understand why Ju-Ju-be call these bags their Best Friend Forever ... they have an abundance of extras in them, so of course they have the usual things in - but for instance the change mat is padded, the material is made from Teflon and has an antibacterial coat on it to keep the germs at bay. Then there are things like place to put some pictures of the kids - or granny, or the dog to keep them amused. It's the little things that count and trust us there are plenty of those.


Storksak Elizabeth Bag £199.95

This bag has consistently been our best selling leather changing bag for years - it has carried on working as it is a timeless classic piece of fashion that is also very practical - it is very lightweight for a leather and is the perfect size for one or two children (anymore than that  then try the Sophia). WE have noticed that a huge amount of GPs buy this bag, we think it's because it's the perfect size to take to work and it is so practical. This best seller has also won and been in the top 3 two years on the trot in the Mummy  and little me changing bag awards - also to be noted it is the best reviewed changing bag on our website.







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