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Christmas Delivery

Tuesday, 2 October 2018  |  Admin


Great News for our international customers!

We can now offer super fast delivery on baby changing bags along with everything else for our international customers.  So this year our international cut off for our customers from far away places like Australia is now on Thursday 20th December, instead of the having to rely on the Royal Mail cut offs which historically early December. This  is incredible but DHL have made that promise to us to we can delivery all your changing bags, at the last minute. 

Our UK customers cut off is Friday 21st - you will need to add special delivery to your order though..... so if you need a leather changing bag this Christmas and you live in Portsmouth of Peru we can help make your dreams come true. 

MEN - yes although as sexist as this may sound we have the data to prove that then men in our lives are ordering very late, are they the savvy ones waiting for the sales or are they just pre-occupied with other things rather than Christmas - well now boys don't you worry, leave ordering your Katie Loxton Handbags for your wives and your aden + anais swaddles fory our little ones as late you you like as we can now delivery in time for Christmas.

WE have to say that it blows our mind that our Australian customers ( and we have a lot of them!) can now order from us Friday morning ( our time ) then they will have the bag by Monday Morning ( their time) - bear in mind they are 11 hours ahead as well that is pretty impressive - DHL do not stop over the weekends so this is how this is possible.  So don't forget this Christmas that Mummy & Little Me can delivery everything you need, wherever you live right up until 1 working day before Christmas.

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