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Changing bag awards 2018

Thursday, 10 May 2018  | 


As the changing bag experts we like to do other things apart from just simply sell bags! So for the last 4 years we have done the 'Changing bag awards'  for the baby changing Industry. This year we launched in April and they will run through to May. 

Firstly we narrow the bags down to about 15-20 changing bags from a poll we send out to our best customers, then we open up the awards to our customers  and our brands customers... 

The polls have been interesting with a surprise new comer doing very well indeed - KeriKit ....who have bagged 11% of the votes, PacaPod have also got a huge 29% so far! However we all know that this figures can change, but PacaPod have managed to get 4 different changing bags in this years awards which is a first! 

4 years ago when we started these awards Pink Lining gave the awards  a big shout out on their  Facebook page which led to a mass of over  300 of their customers vote in the space of 20 minutes!  They won that year.  

For two years on the trot one of our favorite bags the  Storsak Elisabeth got the number one spot , so who will  get it this year? Here is a few of the results below at time of press.


So if you have a favorite changing bag brand or even better, bag then please go and vote - We haven't yet mentioned that every voter will receive a gift voucher and one lucky winner will receive a £100 voucher to spend with us. 





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